Your bills. Our wallet.


You shouldn't have to be wealthy to be healthy.

Nearly one quarter of Americans can't afford an unexpected medical bill of even $100, leaving people to make choices between their health and other basic needs. While you may struggle to understand your benefits and pay for care, private companies are making hundreds of billions of dollars by selling your medical data whenever you go to the hospital, visit your doctor, make an insurance claim, or even fill a prescription. Your health care data should be your private property, and if anyone is making money from that data, it should be you. CoverUS’s digital health wallets put you in control of your medical data for the first time, keeping that data secure, lowering out-of-pocket medical costs, rewarding you for taking good care of yourself, and leaving you with more money to spend on your future and your family.


Being healthy takes a village. Join ours. 

When it comes to health care, there is strength in numbers. Not only can CoverUS help pay for your health insurance by helping you securely and anonymously broker your health data to interested parties, your fellow community members chip in to keep you healthy.

Need a ride to your dentist, childcare while you're in the hospital, or discounts on a gym membership? Someone to coach you through your daily fitness goals? Redeem your CoverUS digital health wallet rewards. Interested in earning more or paying it forward? Offer your services to help your fellow members get the care and support they need. 


How CoverUS works

  1. Download an app that keeps your health data on your smartphone
  2. Immediately start earning CoverCoin tokens that can be used to pay for your health needs
  3. Add to your health data and decide who to share it with, earning significant financial rewards
  4. Save, lend, or donate CoverCoin
  5. Say goodbye to the fear of out-of-pocket medical expenses and the pain of traditional health insurance