You shouldn't have to be wealthy to be healthy


Your health data can pay for your care.

Nearly one quarter of Americans can't afford an unexpected medical bill of even $100, leaving people to make tough choices between their health and other basic needs. While you may struggle to pay for care, private companies are making billions of dollars by selling your medical data whenever you go to the hospital, visit your doctor, make an insurance claim, or even fill a prescription.

Your health care data should be your private property, and if anyone is making money from that data, it should be you. The CoverUS smartphone app puts you in control of your medical data for the first time, keeping that data secure, and rewarding you financially for enriching that data and taking good care of yourself.


How CoverUS works

  1. Download the CoverUS smartphone app and connect your health data
  2. Immediately start earning CoverUS rewards
  3. Enrich your health data, decide who to share it with, and get paid
  4. Say goodbye to the fear of out-of-pocket medical expenses